Siméon and Alexandre co-founded On The Green Road in 2011 based on their profound belief that each and every person can be involved at his/her own level, and act for the preservation of planet Earth. Everyone’s involvement has become essential!

Today, the association devotes itself to raising awareness about environmental issues among all audiences, wanting to show an alternative vision of ecology – less ethnocentric and more world-wide open, local, practical, shared and optimistic, just like what is already emerging across the world!

To achieve this, our members testify at various events such as conferences, photo exhibitions, and documentary screenings always followed by constructive debates. Our film “On The Green road” has been shown in many locations in France and abroad since it was released in 2015.

On The Green Road also supports other developing  projects born in France, thus inspiring a community of travellers who, via audio-visual tools, wish to question and share the world that surrounds them.



Our know-how: raising awareness among traditionally marginalized audiences

  • Impacting photo exhibitions
  • Film screenings, with particular attention to marginalized audiences and the youth
  • Testing new activities and interactive debates concerning the film 
  • Cyclo-to-show events, to combine the useful and the enjoyable: riding a bike produces the energy to show the film

On the Green Road’s 2017 projects: 

  • International screenings, especially in South America among those who participated to the film 
  • Development of additional short films as new environmental awareness material
  • An enterprise package for more impact on employees
  • Educational tools for teachers to bring up ecology in class

A development focus: becoming a citizen-based, constructive media

  • By accompanying screenings of documentaries with the projects we support
  • By creating a new broadcasting channel through the support of local networks
  • By collaborating with other projects
  • By always exploring new sharing methods

Until now devoted to portraying realities encountered on the  On The Green Road journey, the association now wishes to go one step further and transform this experience into a broadcasting tool of real significance. Based on the field experience of adventurous reporters, aspiring to meet people and share their findings, this media will open/create an ever-expanding broadcasting channel for those seeking meaning and discovery. As such, it will help to train, guide, support, sharpen, and distributing them, with a sustained attention to the necessary autonomy which is functional to such outstanding projects.


At On The Green Road,  five hubs make the association tick.

As the team is composed primarily of people in Civic Service roles, it is thus bound to change frequently, but the different poles’ missions remain the reference points. To represent our structure we use a flower-shaped diagram…


Audiovisual Production

Now being overseen by Marine, this hub enters into action after the trip: artistic reflection, logistical organisation, and broadcasting allow the film to exist and to be shared as widely as possible.


Turn to Martin should you want to organise an event with On The Green Road: paid film screenings, photo exhibitions, business conferences, broadcasting at universities…

 Screenings and awareness France

The association chose an alternative procedure to mainstream film broadcasting in cinemas: collaborative screenings, free of charge or donation-based. Marie is in charge of answering your questions in this regard.

International screenings and awareness

The On The Green Road documentary born out of the experiences of multiple countries, it is normal that it goes back to them and new ones. Adele is in charge of broadcasting the film and overseeing relations with foreign partners across the world.

Project development

Juliette is in charge of accompanying future travellers with the objective of  producing an engaging documentary: she provides practical advice on leaving and returning, and provides you with audiovisual training skills.  

Siméon, General director

An engineer specialised in sustainable construction, Siméon envisions a society which includes sustainable development in everyday practices. Co-creator and producer of the film, he now dedicates himself to its dissemination.

Alexandre, President

After his long trip around the world, Alexandre produced the documentary and works on the economic model of collaborative screenings. Today, he keeps accompanying the project in its shifting scale.

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